For foreign students

Info about project

„Connections under CTRL” project is aimed at students of Warsaw Universities at each level of education (BA and MA) – foreign students are also welcome to participate. Our offer is free of charge and we can guarantee anonymity .

Our main goal is providing knowledge about sexual health. Important part of it is assistance and counsuelling on HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.

We believe that everyone should have a right to reliable, scientific knowledge without fear of being judged or moralized. If needed, education and suport on these issues should be available, regardless of gender, age or sexual orientation.

We know that nowadays internet is the easiest tool to gather information; the hardest part of it is to verify what is true and what is false. It is one of the reasons why we’re working in places where we can meet face to face,  like student dormitories, parties or in general – places where you are spending your free time.  It is an opportunity for you to consult with qualified educators in safe and friendly space, where you can ask questions and verify what you have already know.

Workshops in english

Periodically we organize educational and preventice workshops on HIV and other STI’s in English. Through interactive methods we are providing knowledge on:

  • epidemiology,
  • routes of transmission, infectious body fluids,
  • risky sexual behaviours,
  • HIV and other STI testing,
  • reducing the risk of infection.

Workshops are lead by certified trainers in 12-16 person group.

Contact & registration:

Shifts in University dormitories, parties and Vistula boulevards during summer

Our educators are present on various types of student events, such as Otrzęsiny, Połowinki, Juwenalia. During the academic year we are working in the university dormitories. In  summer you can also meet us at nightclubs located on the Vistula boulevards.

Our educators are speak English; they are providing knowledge about:

  • sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS included (which sexual behaviours are more risky than others when it comes to HIV; where you can get free and anonymous antibody HIV test  etc.)
  • safer sexual behaviours,
  • contraception,
  • condoms – where they should be purshased or how to properly store them, how they should be put on,
  • safer partying – we talk about how we should take care of our health without losing pleasure of fun, for example what should be done in case of an overdose of drugs or alcohol or how to prevent this from happening,
  • “rape pills”, “goofies” – what they really are (whether they are actually pill? Are they used only to rape someone?) and how we can protect ourselves or our friends from them.

What do we offer?

  • Knowledge, knowledge and knowledge,
  • safe space to talk and asking questions (there are not any stupid ones!)
  • condoms and opportunity to practice how condom should be put on (on a dildo), lubes and intimate hygiene tissues,
  • drink testers (detecting “rape pills”, “goofies” – substances containing GHB, ketamine – in drinks, beverages)
  • education, prevention and information materials (booklets, brochures etc.) concerning safer partying, sex, drugs – we have brochure in English about HIV testing,
  • gadgets, tools – all with prophylaxis and educational content.

More info

In the „Schedule” (link) you can find all project events sorted by date/month so you can search comfortably for what is most interesting for you. It contains most important information such as: date, place, and time of an specific event.

For FAQ about the project and our offer, as well as cooperation, please contact us at:

The executors of the project

Association Program STACJA – the main goal of the Association is reaching out to young people with preventive measures, education and support, directly where they are needed most. STACJA is  leading environmental actions (outreachworking) addressed to, for example: adolescents and young adults who spend time on the streets of Warsaw (streetworking), attending night clubs and mass events like Juwenalia, or Woodstock (partyworking).

Social Committee devoted to AIDS was established in 1993 on the initiative of people connected with the issue of HIV prevention, and healthcare. Our mission, since the beginning of activity of the Association is to spread the information, education and counseling on HIV / AIDS, and as an outcome reducing the individual and social impact of the epidemic.

The project is co-financed by the City of Warsaw.